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all things visual

Sometimes people ask If I've been working on any projects. I'm never quite sure how to answer. I'm always rolling ideas in my head, BUT I also have two kids and a baby. They probably (hopefully) realize how unlikely it is that I can find time to work on anything other than laundry, meals, and all the other work to be found in a big unfinished house on a big property in the country with chickens and (currently) a 35' by 40' garden... That's a brain-full (if not a life-full). But I truly do enjoy creating so I'm always scheming new projects and weighing out their logistics, if not squeezing a project in here or there.

Earlier in the year I spent a lot of time taking, sorting and editing pics. I also happened to have a perfect little subject to practice on (and I needed to capture all that sweet littleness before it's gone). I tinker in all things visual, including photography (I'm also working on a painting now). I'm always amazed at how many bloggers produce such amazingly perfect pictures too (so that's another added incentive to my experimenting...just trying to improve).

I made this composite pic of my daughter. My husbands hands and the big pile of pillows below have been edited out (putting an older baby, like her, in a hammock is dangerous!!!) So when you ask a creative if they are creating or working on a project, just know that they always have something brewing in one way or another.

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