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Oh, here's another little tidbit:  In the beginning of 2013, (let's just be honest >>) I was looking for ways to earn some money because finances were tight.  I stumbled onto a contest called Earn Your Stripes by Frogtape (a Shurtech brand).  I'm not a real excitable person but THIS got me pretty amped up.  I knew I could earn a win in this contest, this was right up my alley.  I tried to come up with all the many ways you could use the stuff.  Let's just say there are a ton of ways to use painters tape (especially this painters tape).  I worked on that over a period of a month (or two, lol).  I'm not a competitive person, I just wanted to be able to loosen up our finances...sorry if it's tacky to be so honest....but that's me (you're supposed to be thinking honest, not tacky).  In the process of doing all these projects, I got seriously hooked on this stuff.....and I ended up winning!  Which was AWESOME!  Sorry to everyone else, there were a ton a great entries...just not from anyone as crazy as me.  My (should be) motto: OCD works for ME .  Later frogtape sent a crew to my house to help promote the contest, and Tom Bury from Restaurant Impossible came too.  That was a little crazy, BUT OH SO FUN!  They were great, I was awkward..........Did I tell you I'm shy?  Have you ever known anyone that was really good at just plain, old, confident, bull-crapping (<< for lack of a better word), well, that's not me.  I'm EXTREMELY competent but not much in the way of extroverted confidence....Oh well, I know that confidence and competence don't neccesarily go hand in hand.  Here's the video they made:







Hi, I'm Penny. I started this website because I LOVE to create (and I've realized that I've taken my abilities for granted).  I once heard someone say that they'd kill for my kind of talent and it hit me (pretty hard) that many other people would be a better steward of my talents than I've been.....I know there are a LOT of awesome creative bloggers online but maybe someone would still like to see my work...(and here you are....or are you trolling me?)  

I'm tired of being the type of person that allows a few negative comments to cut and tie me down, instead of letting positive feedback take root, grow, and go to seed.  (Maybe you're the same way.) I've been told I should write a book...I don't have a book to write, but I do have some work I think you'll enjoy.  I know I've got a lot to offer, and if I can convince you of that, maybe I can convince you to step out of your comfort zone and do something out of-the-box creative too.  I'm not the blogging/journaling type, but when I do a project, I tend to be all in and I promise to share it with you.

I like to do projects with a punch, usually the kind that aren't too simple or even trendy.  My superpower is making the most of the most mundane. Trash to teasure, straw into gold.  Life is busy, I have kids (and a baby), I don't really have a lot of excess time (if any).  But we humans like to feel productive; we like a challenge.  Sitting at a desk or doing laundry and dishes doesn't quite cut it, you know?  So I guess, my inviting you to poke around on this website, is a challenge for you to find out whether you can make the most of something (or maybe even of yourself).  You might end up being surprised at what YOU can do. :)  As for me, I've more ideas than I have time.  Let's see what we can create.

If you want to know more about me, you'll find it here.

(Warning: you'll be in it for the long haul.)

If you want to see a picture of my happy family, you'll appreciate the drawing below :)  It's nice, right?  This is not a recent drawing but it's one of my favorites :)  (Oh yeah! and we usually wear clothes, lol)


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