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One last wall to do in my daughter's room and I'd be done (I did this after I presented her room to her for her birthday in September, 2012).  I painted this wall with a mistint green I bought for 5$. I wanted to add something to it that would be beautiful, big, a little whimsical, and that would also incorporate the colors I'd used in here.  I was really happy with what I came up with.

I wanted a butterfly that was in a sort of perched pose that I could paint onto a flower nestled in waving grass (< sort of specific huh?).  I googled pics of butterflies and found one just right (it was yellow and black).  I used a laptop connected to a projector we had and projected the butterfly onto the wall. The pic I chose was a little blurry but I went with it anyways and copied the basic shape and it's spots,  I had to make up a lot.  The grass and flower were painted free-hand (sure, I could have done this all free-hand but it would take long enough as it was). 

This took a looong time, not because it had to but because I'm picky about nice smooth lines.  The grass wasn't as hard as the butterfly and the flower was a bit of an experiment in shading for me (the pics on the bottom are more accurate) but it all turned out

pretty well.  I can easily see where I'd like to work some more on it, but the time I have in it is pretty excessive as it me.  You probably already know I have a freakish amount of patience.

Don't be afraid to go big in your kid's room, I'm not suggesting biting off more than you can chew.  You know yourself and how much you are capable of doing.  However, sacrificing some evening television to do something special for someone you care about is beyond worth it.  My daughter has slept in this bed nearly every night for the last few years and looks up at this butterfly while (sort of)

lying in the painted grass.  She's mentioned me making this room for her many times and she appreciates the time I put into it.  You remember the things people (that love you) go out of their way to do for you........and that sort of makes my silly hobbies seem a lot less silly.

Thanks for checking out my work!

Butterfly Mural

butterfly mural
butterfly mural
butterfly mural
butterfly mural
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