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Striped Leather Chair

A great way to add interest to a room is by adding spunky furniture pieces. Putting this striped chair (I painted) into this space was a cool way to add more punch with pattern.  I saw this leather chair (for $10) and immediately imagined it in stripes.  It was also a pretty simple project (once I got it painted >> with a couple coats of tan vinyl leather Rustoleum spray paint).  So here's another Frogtape project.  

Instead of measuring off the top or bottom of this chair, I held a level up to it and traced a line at the center of the back of the chair.  While holding the level I pressed it against the curve of the chair back while also tracing the level line.  From there I could place my first strip of tape against that line.  The pics show that I used sensitive surface tape, though regular would've been easier, (I had it on hand in the right width).  I used an extra strip of tape as a spacer between the strips I'd be leaving in place while I painted.

I continued placing tape till the back was covered and then also masked off the leather cording.  I was very careful to tuck the tape under the cord.  I (took it outside) and began spraying on the white stripes.  the pic where the yellow tape is in place shows how wrinkled it was before I pressed it down before painting each line.  I put on two coats, following the directions on the Rustoleum spray paint can.  I removed the tape immediately after getting a good two coats of paint on. 

Just a heads up: the softer your padding on a chair, the more the leather will stretch and the more your paint will have a chance to crack (paint can only stretch so much). This wouldn't be the best thing to do on heavily used or thickly cushioned furniture. Also, when using spray paint, you are limited to the colors available.  The painters tape used on this project is only intended to mask, it will not prevent paint bleed. <<Paint bleed will only be prevented when using a water-based paint and painters tape like Frogtape.


I have a new project in mind and plan on using this chair in a new space. Check back sometime to see that too!  Thanks for stopping in!!   

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