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diy jaguar print bag
diy jaguar print bag

Jaguar Painted  Bag

This was fun and fairly simple. Ok... yes, I have a strange idea of what fun is, but apparently you have a strange idea of entertainment too because you're the one poking around on a DIY website.  Now we're even, let's get back to the project...

I (again) was looking for anything I could make with frogtape for a contest (in 2013).  I picked this plain canvas bag up at a thrift store (yes, I just said that, thrift store is not a cuss word like some people think.) It was a perfect blank canvas...that happened to be canvas....I think I may have had too much coffee.  


Anyways, I also had a gift bag that was of a thick, slick, hard plastic (like sticker backing).  I thought I might try sticking the tape onto this plastic and cutting out shapes that I could use to mask off a pattern and I might simplify it by making the pattern into a racing stripe.  After sticking some strips of tape to the plastic, I drew out some shapes after studying a jaguar pattern for a bit.  I then cut them out and peeled them off to stick on the bag (separating them from the plastic was difficult (so I began to leave little tabs of extra plastic where I could wedge my fingernail in between the tape and plastic).  The pattern is based off of jaguar print.  I then taped off a strip onto both sides of the bag and placed them within the stripe I'd made.  When that was done, I pressed all the tape down more with my nail, paying special attention to the edges. 


I then blotted on the paint (it was acrylic with fabric medium).  The texture of the fabric works very well with the jaguar print because the edges end up a little rough.  The tape needs to be removed while the paint is still moist and I used something sharp to pluck up the edges of the tape. 

Whether you're interested in doing a project like this or just here to do some trolling, thanks for checking this out :D

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