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When I was little I didn't really care for Barbies, all I cared to do was design and decorate her house with whatever odds and ends I could scrounge up.........I'm still the same way (not terribly social or talkative), but give me something to design and I am in my zone.  So when my daughter showed an interest in Barbie's, I consoled myself with the idea of building and decorating her a Barbie house :D (yay!)  I started looking for little things I could make and repurpose.

This little terrarium is a bead container I bought in a four pack at the dollar store, it's filled with a little fish tank gravel and topped off with some of the tips I cut off some Christmas garland greenery.....It's as simple a project as you can get.....not to mention wonderfully pointless.  You have now entered the world of miniatures. lol.  Feel free to scout out my other miniature 1:6 scale projects.  You might end up wanting to play with Barbies too (or at least decorate their house).  


I'll try to hit on all the things I've made, incase you are interested (if your daughter is like mine she'll want to keep adding things to her dollhouse too). The shelf and plants I made, in the pic below, are from Barbie's Greenhouse here.

Miniature 1:6 terrarium
Barbie 1:6 scale plants

Miniature Terrarium

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