I was working on my daughter's doll house for Barbie when I remembered I had this old terrarium in storage.  I used to keep plant cuttings in it to root.  It was broken and not of much use to me anymore, and it happened to be the right scale for a Barbie green house (she happens to love plants, in case you didn't know that about Barbie she also appreciates that they improve the air quality in her house).  See, she has intelligent hobbies too, (ofcourse she would, she's had a hundred (or so) careers, including being an astronaut).  I keep telling her that if she'd dress more professionally and less....like a........um.....Barbie,  people would take her more seriously, right?  Yeah, I said that to her.  It's amazing what you can get away with saying when the person you're talking to is plastic. (Before you think I need to see a shrink, let's move on.....)


Anyways, I needed to fix it, paint it and cut a doorway in.  I was already making mini plants for the dollhouse...plants (literally) bring life to a home.  I really like stone floors and one seemed a perfect final touch for the green house.  (I was sick one day, so I decided to paint it instead of doing absolutely nothing).  I started with a basecoat of basic grey. The stones were painted with colors I already had and a few colors I mixed with grey, like blue, green and a little black, to add more colorful stones too.  (As you can see from the pic, I wasn't worried about perfection; that's what's so fun about projects for kids.)  When it was dry, I clear coated it.  How I made several of the miniature 1:6 scale plants can be found here.

Barbie's Greenhouse