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DIY Barbie Dresser & Armoire

The name of this page should be: Do It Yourself 1:6 Scale Decoupaged Striped Barbie Furniture Out of Boxes, catchy right? Not.  But that's what we've got here, these dressed up boxes make pretty cool furniture, don't you think?  The little dresser is an Iphone box and the armoire is a gift set, soap box (my mom gave me when she knew I was making a doll house).  Both pieces can be used to put little doll belongings in.  We all know how important storage is, right? 

For the dresser, I cut the inner box of the Iphone box in half, to be two drawers, using the ends as drawer fronts.  I then glued on pieces of thin masonite boards, cut down to size, to be the backs of the drawers.  From there I inserted the drawers inside the outer box to determine the excess that needed to be cut off.  The pics below are pretty self-explanatory.  I also cut pieces of masonite scrap for the top and bottom of the dresser too and glued them in place.  I primed the top and bottom of the dresser and then decoupaged (with mod podge) on pieces of scrapbook paper I'd already cut to size. (It was from Micheals, below is also a pic of the paper pack I used for many of my projects.) After that dried, it all got a clear coat of Mod podge.  Then I poked little holes through the middle of the drawers so that I could attach buttons that I'd threaded with a small stout wire.  I then hot glued that in place from the back.  

That little lamp is made of beads on a nail, I glued it onto two buttons and stuck the tip of the nail into a spray glitter cap and glued it, (in case you were wondering).

I reinforced the armoire's hinged doors with white duct tape and then decoupaged it. Next, I glued a little rod into the inside.  I also built a little wood frame for it to sit on and to give it more height (and painted it to look like metal).  I then added buttons the same way I added buttons to the dresser for knobs. Again, it also got a clear coat of Mod podge. I could then glue on the little frame/stand for the armoire to set on.

I don't really know what's more fun, the designing or the problem solving/building.  I LOVE creating things, Thanks for giving me the chance to share this mini project with you!

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