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insulated doghouse with awning

Doghouse Build

I love creating things, even if it's a very non-glamorous project like making a home for a furry friend. These pics aren't real great but you get the general idea (the pic on the top is it almost done I added some trim and more foam insulation).  We bought this house at an auction, It had been some kind of project for a heating/cooling department at a tech school.  It seemed worth the trouble to turn it into a doghouse.


First, I needed to remove a bunch of (heating/cooling) components.  I then cut a door in and patched in one side.  That side needed siding so I removed the siding from the back, put it on that side (and replaced the back siding with siding in another color where it would go unnoticed against the house).  I wanted to add an awning to block rain from getting inside and provide some shade.  


Next, I wired a chandelier and light switch------not really, but this goofy house is wired for electric because of it's previous purpose (don't worry it's not live).  Maybe the dog can charge it's phone in there later.


I built the awning and needed to add more overhang at the sides and back too, so it needed a whole new roof and shingles (we had some leftover from our house, just needed a wash).  I HATE fiberglass 

shingles, so my husband put the shingles on for me.  He then pounded some blocks into the ground and we put it into place behind our house to await our new pet...which we still haven't found....


Anyone know where we could find german sheperd husky mix (or collie mix) puppies?  :) Meanwhile, it's one more place for the kids to play in. 

Thanks for hanging with me!

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