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DIY Ornament

It doesn't get any easier than making this filled ornament.  It also happens to be beautiful.  


I had bought large clear plastic bulbs at Hobby Lobby and just wanted something simple and pretty to put inside (the plain bulb was almost pretty enough).  I already had bunches of frosty white flowers and some white feathers from another project.  So from the base of the flower I squished the petals together and dropped them inside.  That's it. My kids filled the feather bulbs.  My tree has red, white, gold, and silver on it.  These clear with white bulbs were a good addition.  

Btw, this is the simplest project on my site. What do you think?  Do people prefer simple projects or more complex?  I'll try to add some simple projects now and then, especially if they turn out as nicely as these ornaments.

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