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burberry plaid duct tape desk
Burberry plaid duct tape desk
Burberry plaid duct tape desk

Did you ever want to do something to a teacher in school, like duct tape.......................their desk Ok, that was just me then (not really, I liked my teachers).  I happen to be married to a teacher. >> He moved into a classroom that needed some class (< sorry, I couldn't help myself) ....What's classier than Burberry plaid......and in duct tape?!  I have a warped sense of humor, I know :) Really though, we thought of changing out desks because the drawers stuck 

(and the thing was........not much 

to look at) but that desk probably 

weighed as much as a school bus and had even less style.  It needed help, so along with painting a few other things in the room, I began a mini makeover on the poor thing.

The colors I chose to use worked with the school colors and went with the black furniture in the room.  First, it needed a coat of paint, I picked a tan color that blended into the space.  I had already decided to sort of mimic Burberry plaid and made the scale of the pattern work with the width of duct tape, (I used Duck brand and it comes in lots of colors and patterns).  I needed red, black, white and tan tape.  The desk front is divided into three sections so I broke the pattern into three sections to fit.

I then marked (measured it out and used a level) where the tape would begin and end, then placed the tape from one point to another. I was able to tear the tan tape into half it's width to overlap the red, I also tore the the width of white tape to fit in the pattern.  I cut the white tape to length to fit into place because I added it after most of the other tape was finished.  In person, the white stands out better than in the pics.  The last step was to draw on the black lines using a straight edge and level.  I used a black sharpie (they have little forgiveness).  (The black paint on top is floor paint.)

My daughter just came in and said this desk was desktacular.  (Maybe she should write everything for me.)  What do you think?  The desk seemed to work in my husband's math classroom. Hopefully, it wasn't too distracting....

Thanks for checking this out!

Duct Taped Desk

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