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The pic below shows a great idea for how to make spiky plants like snake plant, aloe, ornamental grass, or cactus.  I basically took foam sheets (leftover foam sheet material from artificial flowers), and cut them into patterns like these.  I then rolled them up at the bottom and fit them into tiny pots (I'd prepared) to see if they'd fit the intended pot. I took them back out and put some glue or brown caulking into the holes and put the base of the rolled up plants into the glue or caulking.  This is super-easy!  You can even cut the spikes out individually and place them into brown caulking.  I did all the plants within a few weeks time so my caulking didn't dry out (though I did cap it between uses).  For some of the larger plants, I placed something in the bottom of the pots to add weight and then foil before I filled them with caulking.  Another trick was to sprinkle tea grounds onto the surface of the caulking of the larger plants pots to look like dirt.

Hey there,  I'm guessing you wanted to see my little 1:6 scale house plants.  These were a winter project that my daughter and I made to go with her doll house.  


There are several ways to create little plants like these, but lets start with the little pots.  My favorite were the wood (terracotta style) pots and vases I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  They come in small (blue) bags and are in the wood craft section.  They need to be painted and I liked the idea of painting them a traditional terracotta color to add to the miniature effect.  I also used several lids, caps, a few large beads, and small candle holders I'd found.  Some of the plants are not pictured but can be seen here


The easiest way to make the plants was to clip the smallest foliage off of things like Christmas garland or silk flower and plant bunches that you find.  If you can't find small enough leaves you might be able to cut some down, like I did with the third plant on the second shelf (below left pic).  The best tip I have for making little plants is to use a tube of brown caulking (you'd need a caulk gun too).  If you put some caulking into the pots before you place the plants, it will act as an adhesive to hold your plants, it will look like dirt, and even add a little weight to your pots so that they don't tip as easily.  (BTW, certain top heavy plants would need to have added weight to the bottom of their pots so they won't be annoying and tip easily.  A couple small rocks or even wadded up foil would work).  There is a little more info about creating tiny plants below.

Miniature Plants (1:6 Barbie scale) 

Please do not create small items, for a younger child's dollhouse (that they might place in their mouths).  Also, small accessories can not be put in reach of younger children.  I know this is obvious, but as I'm typing my 8 month old is in my lap asleep and I'm imagining how excited she'd be to find all the little projects we've made for the dollhouse. Always use appropriate discretion for your household's unique situation. 

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