Lego-Man  Pinata

I miss him.  But he was created for a purpose.  We spent a lot of time together, Lego pinata man and I.  Now, pictures are all I have left of him.  I knew our time together was limited.  After all, he was made to be beat open with a stick so that his.....ummm........candy would spill out for ravenous kids to eat......  

It's disturbing, I know......Candy isn't really good for kids.

I made this Lego, mini-fig pinata for a birthday party for my kids.  My kids (son and daughter) LOVE Legos.  I thought it would be pretty easy to create a pinata out of boxes and a Lego man's

proportions and shape should be easy enough to match with different packaging you can find.  There is a pic below of the boxes I cut down and taped together to make the basic form.  I used his upper cavity to put the candy in through a duct taped hole in his back.  


The head is made from a protein shake container, the top is the ring from a used Frogtape roll.  His arm and hands we're made from a large gift wrap tube.  I made the shoulders by cutting one side of the gift wrap tube in three spots about an inch apart and flexed it into a bend.  I then taped them in place, also covering the gaps with masking tape.  His knees are made of paper towel roll.  To hang him later, I took string and ran it through a hole in the top of his head and through his body to go through holes on both of his sides to come up several inches to go back into two holes (higher up his sides) to go back up into the hole in his head. (<< did that make any sense?) This held him pretty well while he was beat to a (paper) pulp.  Poor guy.

I then paper mached him to smooth him out and to give me a smooth finish to paint.  I had to mix the yellow to match the yellow plastic used in Legos and the rest would be basic red and black like a classic mini-fig.  I googled mini-fig faces and decided that is the face I'd make if I was being attacked by a kid with a big stick.  I enlarged the screen image enough so that I could draw it onto construction paper (in the right proportions), cut it out and glue the pieces onto the face in layers for nice sharp contrast.  I drew another face on the back of his head but it wasn't as cool.  

He held up really well, eventually his body fell from the string leaving his head dangling.  I still have nightmares of that. (No, not really.)  Don't feel too bad for him he at least got to go horseback riding one last time before he was smashed to smithereens.  Check out how happy he is in the pic below.  (My son insisted he have a conversation bubble) :)  


Thanks for stopping in to see legoman and to pay your respects. It means a lot to me!