Jeweled Tricycle

My husband and I decided to buy the kids tricycles for Christmas when they were smaller.  For my son, I wanted something that couldn't  tip easily because he was just three years old.  His trike cost a mini bundle, so I felt pretty guilty getting this simple red trike for my daughter.  I needed to glam it up.  I could've painted it but painting over a nice, durable, factory finish wasn't the best (or easiest) thing to do.  Who knows where I come up with this stuff, but I thought it needed some bling...

I couldn't find any jewels without the silver backing so I just went with these I picked up at Hobby Lobby along with some outdoor adhesive (the adhesive makes the jewels less sparkly because it dissolves the silver backing though).  If you use this stuff, be prepared to fry some braincells because of the fumes (or try to do it outdoors).

I first drew a line where I wanted jewels and then glued them on....simple as that.  The glue I used was a bit messy looking but my daughter didn't mind.  If you do this, be sure to keep the jewels and glue away from parts that need to be free to move.  My daughter LOVED getting this for Christmas and she made sure EVERYONE 

knew she got a red jeweled tricycle :)

You have to let me know if you make one of these for some special kid, I'd love to know their reaction when they get it!