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Barbie 1:6 scale diorama livingroom
Barbie 1:6 scale livingroom DIY
Diy dollhouse shelf Barbie
miniature art 1:6 scale
diy Barbie lamp livingroom miniature
Barbie diy livingroom

This is my daughter's Barbie living room.  It's full of repurposed items and things I made.  What do you think?  It will take a lot of time to explain how I made several things in this room, like the couch, wall art, shelf, terrarium, pillows, lamps, plants, frames, curtains and rods.  I'll share all that later.


You might recognize some things like the mirrored mosaic side table as a candle holder, the other cut-out table is a pencil holder from a dollar store.  I've used many caps from different products for plants like the silver one for a plant stand in this room.  I especially like the white egg cup I used as a modern style plant pot.  The coffee table (looks just like a table I've seen on an expensive online vintage shop) is just an upside down storage box.  The couch table was a box that Christmas tree ornaments came in.


When looking for items to use in a dollhouse, you need to consider scale (if that's not obvious).  The rug in this room is a piece of chenille I cut out of a 1/4 yard of fabric I bought at Joann's.  It looks just like a shag rug.  Check out my other projects, I plan on sharing some tricks I learned while making 1:6 scale 


Barbie's Livingroom

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