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DIY stretched fabric wall art

This has to be one of the simplest ways to make wall art.  Years ago, I found this printed fabric, I'm not sure if it was a table cloth or intended for as a large shawl from some far away place. Once we moved into our house there were a lot of large blank walls.  This wall happens to face our stairs.

I'd experimented with the idea of having a large gallery of pics hanging here, until I almost fell down the stairs looking at the wall, while just thinking about it as I was going downstairs.......I decided something too intricate or distracting wouldn't be good there (unless I wanted a booby-trap).  So I began looking for something to fill the space and that I liked.


I refound this fabric while unpacking a box and decided it would be a great way to fill up some wall space.  It's about 3 by 5 feet.  I laid it on the floor and measured it and decided where I'd want the pattern to end, leaving just enough fabric to wrap behind the frame I'd be making.  I made the frame out of brick moulding that you can buy at Lowes.  It is about 1.5" which would give a nice thick profile (I've always liked gallery wrapped canvases).  I cut the lengths I needed and the angles and used a nailer and glue to put it together (while clamped at the corners using a 90 degree clamp).  I then laid the fabric face down and lined up the frame to the pattern.  I first stretched the fabric so that I could tack the fabric center of the length of each side (at the back).  I would have loved to have an air stapler then but I used upholstery tacks.  From there I pulled the fabric making my way around the pattern and frame trying to make the line of the pattern parallel to the frame.  At the corners, I folded in the excess fabric and wrapped it round back.

I hate the idea of making things sound too easy, just to encourage people to try a project and get overwhelmed. Really though, the only thing that made this hard was using the tacks instead of a stapler.  I've now had a stapler for a long time and am VERY happy with it; I wish I had it then. (I don't like hand staplers). The hard part about doing this would be finding a printed fabric that you like, (ebay would probably be a good place to look).


Thanks for stopping by to check this out!

Stretched fabric wall art

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