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diy 1:6 scale dollhouse sink

Barbie Bathroom Sink

I had everything but the bathroom sink.  I was pretty well stumped as to how to make the right sink that would go with Barbie's existing fixtures and everything else I'd made.  So over a period of months, I went into a deep, dark depression.  I stopped eating and began to have nightmares of giant Barbies keeping me forever dressed up with-no-where-to-go, living in an all 

pink, ultra-girly doll house with......NO SINK!! 

(you might not understand why that would be so awful, but I'm a little obsessive about hand-washing)


OK. Not really,  (though I am obsessive about hand-washing) I did hold off on taking pics of this project though, because it was missing something.  Finally, I was taking pics of other projects I made, when I decided to travel to the ends of the earth searching for the PERFECT sink....No, that would be silly.  I did take a little trip to the basement, though, to see what random little things I could whip up into a sink.  What did I find?  Scrap wire, wood beads and an easter egg.  You see it now don't you?  That was the magic combination.


I also decided I needed a little square of masonite that I'd cut a hole in with an 1 1/2" spade bit to set the egg/sink into and later I added more wire for the faucet with a metal bead for a spout and two more flower beads wired on for handles.  I painted the masonite square to mimic marble.  I also had to bend the wire into the shape I wanted and to the right height so Barbie could wash her hands (cleanliness matters to dolls too).  I slipped the beads on and painted the stand I'd just made, along with the larger part of the plastic egg, later it all got a coat of Mod podge.  I then glued the egg onto the marble top and the marble top onto the stand.  I then put the faucet together and painted it silver and attached the handles with wire and glued it in place.  I also drilled a hole for the faucet to set into the faux marble top and get glued into place.  (BTW, Don't tell Barbie where I got this sink, she thinks it cost a bundle)


That's that, finally I felt like I could take pics of the dollhouse.  Many of the other pics are in a gallery here.  I have a lot more ideas for it but It's not a priority right now.  (It's bad enough that Barbie's house is already better than mine.)

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