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frogtape diy painted mirror
diy painted compass mirror
diy compass painted mirror
diy painted compass mirror

Ok, you know those sunburst mirrors that you've seen everywhere the last several years.  Here's my version, a compass mirror.  The pics don't do this justice. The metallic finishes on this look great. 

I needed a (subtly) bold wall art piece to go with other things I made in this room. I happen to love mirrors and their ability to add light, sheen, and dimension to a space. With very graphic, geometric patterns being so popular, this was a good solution for how to amp up this old mirror (and I can always undo it whenever I want).

First, I found center of this mirror, which was surprisingly difficult. (In hindsight, I should've taken a large piece of paper, traced the mirror onto it, folded it, then transfered a center mark through a hole poked through the center of the circle.)  The pattern I followed is a typical compass shape, with the North,  East, West, and South points being the larger ones.

Next, I centered a square on the mark you made in the middle.  These points will be the inner corners of your larger 4 point star.  I then made marks directly at the midpoints on each side of that square (these will also mark the widths of the arms of the smaller star in the compass).  I connected those markings with an x, then took a straight edge and followed those lines and marked off points at the edges of the mirror.  These were the points for the larger star.  

I needed eight equally spaced marks at the edges of the mirror.  Since I had the tips of the larger star marked, I could then find midpoints between them, those will be the tips of the smaller star.

The pic of the eight pointed star on the left is what I needed to be gold (for the first coat of spray paint, I did the silver later).  It looks really difficult but I, basically, already had it all laid out.  I also needed to mask off the rest of the mirror (carefully because spraypaint comes out with some force and will work it's way through any accidental gaps).  I was using this painters tape just for masking because this tape is only made to prevent waterbased paint from bleeding.

I added the silver spray paint to the large star first and the next day masked off for the smaller star and painted it. Again, because this tape is not intended for use with spray paint, when overlapping newly spraypainted surfaces with painters tape, you should expect the finish to be damaged. (Maybe less so with yellow sensitive surface painters tape.)  To even out the texture, I used a fine sanding sponge and roughed up the star.  I also added some scratches to give it an aged appearance.  

If you seriously wanted to do this project or one like it, I'm sure a video would help.... That's probably how we DIYers learn best, if you let me know you want one, I wouldn't mind putting one together :) 

Compass Mirror

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