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a little disclaimer...

I noticed I have been getting some traffic. If you're a repeat visitor, Thanks for coming back and hanging with me!! I owe you an apology though: I have new projects to post and I haven't gotten around to getting the pictures up, let alone make any updates on the website. I'm learning to use my left hand at the computer more because of issues with my wrist (which stopped me from working on this website in general for a while>>then homeschool started up slowing things down more) If you have any (friendly) suggestions to help me improve the website please let me know. If you're wanting to know more about how I made certain things or whatever, seriously, just let me know. I'd love to help :) If you're disappointed with a general lack of content on here, sorry. I don't want to build up a website by sharing other people's projects and stealing their potential traffic; so I've committed to only posting my work. If I ever want to share another's work I might direct you to their site, my little website can just sit here cold and lonely before I hoard other people's work and hard-earned traffic. I've been thinking of throwing out some design boards occasionally on this blog to keep putting out a steady flow of ideas when I don't have more recent projects to share. What do you think? Right now, I've got Christmas on the brain and some little sewing projects to do for my daughter (but I don't think doll dresses will interest you too much so I won't be posting about those). As for what I'll be posting about soon, what I'm working on now is pretty cool and I think you'll like it.

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