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About the living room...

Someone wrote me a couple weeks ago asking how I went about making things in the dollhouse living room. At first I was going to get started typing up descriptions, but instead I decided to make a video or two. If you're like me you prefer a video. Hopefully, this will suffice, it is now on the bottom of the Barbie's living room page too. So if you're in the mood to be ultra-bored and maybe learn a couple miniaturist tricks go ahead and watch it. I was wanting to post a shorter, perfectly edited video but after waiting for some natural light to finally shine in my daughter's room so I could make the video, waiting for my husband's computer to be free to upload it to YouTube, and after dealing with my 1 year old daughter's fever and earache the last week or so, I'm just glad to post it. I'll forget about making it perfect and you'll just have to listen to my awkward pauses and occasional stuttering................. happy watching, I hope you get something out of it!

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