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When in Cleveland...

Over the last couple days, my husband and I took the kids to Cleveland to see the Natural History Museum, Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Museum of Art (there is a lot more to experience while there too). Growing up, my dad always made it a point to take us to museums and historical sites whenever possible. The funny thing about it is that we often barely had more than one pair of shoes, yet my siblings and I have experienced much more than our fair share of culture. I'm very grateful for that, and though I want to give some of that same experience to my kids, I also have a developed taste for that mind-boggling feeling of trying to process hundreds of works of art, and other artifacts all at the same time. It is beyond humbling. It doesn't make you step back and meditate, it silently demands that you sit down and shut up. This painting is called Rest by William Adolphe Bouguereau, and is probably my favorite from our visit yesterday. It is vastly more incredible in person than this picture can convey (the pic is a bit muted). The lighting is incredibly realistic and the colors are fantastic. If you're ever near Cleveland, do yourself a favor and stop in. The whole museum is stunning, not to mention the Rembrandts, Caravaggio, Van Goghs, Picassos, Monets and so many more incredible works there (and if you like art that's not so masterful, there is always a Pollock ;)...I know, I know...that was wrong). I'm rocketed out of my league just by typing those names, right? Of course the Natural History Museum was great too, and many of the displays were very impressive. A person could spend more than a week going through these great museums and seeing all the sites in Cleveland. I'm already looking forward to our next trip back!

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