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Her name is Yoda.

That right there, my friend, is Yoda. Suits her right? She's almost so ugly it's cute! My family has an unfinished bathroom in the bonus space we turned into the kids playroom. I hadn't planned on using it for a long time but my husband began working on it this summer. It's basically tile-ready, so I began thinking of the vanity I'd want for the space. A standard size vanity would crowd the space, so I decided to look for a small piece of furniture (like a desk or vanity) to refinish or paint and turn into the vanity for the new bathroom. I nearly gave up looking, between Craiglist and eBay I couldn't find the right piece. We stopped in a Habitat for Humanity and found this ugly, yet cute little vanity and it happened to be close to the dimensions I'd want for our new bathroom vanity. Not to mention it was $15 and likely better made than most vanities you'd find. I'll be stripping and painting it. We'll also be installing a vessel sink on top. We already had a high-gloss, beige tile for this space, so some vibrant color on this quirky piece should help the bathroom look less boring. It'll probably be a medium tone aqua/blue with weathered finish. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions about color? Anyways, next time you see her she'll be flaunting a new shade, and she may even need a new name.

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