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Dollhouse Diagram

Christmas is round the corner and many people are planning some DIY gifts for their kids. I've been asked for plans for the dollhouse I made for my daughter. It was made using two, used, premade shelves I got a (crazy) deal on. It ended up being very large and accessible but is also pretty heavy and I'd tell you where to buy the shelves but thy sell for around $300 (!!) So I drew a diagram of the house so that people could copy it. It was drawn with 1/2" plywood in mind, (though a house made this way in these dimensions would still likely be difficult to move around, and it's BIG). If you do attempt to make this house using my measurements, feel free to size it down and adjust it in any way you want but do take safety into consideration always. The top will need to be braced to the bottom and it will need to be mounted to a wall. I can't promise you that this will cost less than a store bought one, it's all a matter of preference and how much time, skill, and money you have at your disposal. It also helps to have tools, leftover paint, scrap wood, etc. handy when working on a project like this. Also, If you haven't noticed, I left the windows, stairs, and elevator measurements out of the drawing, (though if you want my dimensions let me know). The peak of the roof is at about a 100 degree angle, I accidentally left that out. If you don't use my plan, it will help to consider using the idea of not cutting doors in and leaving a 3 to 4" walkway on the front of the rooms for accessibility not to mention it saves you the trouble of cutting through the plywood...It makes a big difference. Anyways.............

All the best, and good luck with whatever you have planned! :)

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