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If you've stopped by and noticed that it's been a while since my last post......There's no need to worry about me. I have not been kidnapped by pirates, (though that does sound pretty exciting), I've not been snatched up by some talent scout and moved on to decorating the homes of the rich and famous (that would probably be worse than being taken by pirates), and I've not been taken hostage by a band of angry barbies for not designing anything for them in ages either, (though they are awfully quiet every time I go in my daughters room, I think they may be plotting against me)........ I do have a confession to make though, if it's not been apparent from my lack of consistent posts, I'm letting you know I have divided loyalties. I'm always struggling over whether to do the obvious chore that needs to be done around here or that random, frivolous DIY project I've been antsy to try my hand at. To add to that constant mini-battle in my mind, my husband and I have always been interested in adopting (possibly fostering) and adding to our family. After a ton of consideration and going over all the nitty-gritty what-ifs of committing to a child.........we took a bit of a leap and took foster training classes this past spring. Through the classes we realized we had some preparations to make before we could have a home study done and get licensed. Realizing that there may not be a chance to take care of certain tasks after a new little person has come to our house to adjust and live, my motivations have changed. Of course I still want to do the fun DIY stuff but I needed to put first things first. From the our big garden to finishing up some things around here to de-cluttering and getting more organized, I've had my hands full (besides just living life and meeting my families needs). I've done plenty of new things and paint projects, just nothing so interesting I'd post it on this site. Of course with kids there are always the non-essential things that take up a lot of time setting up the barbie zip-line yesterday from the second story window to the things are a least to my kids :)

I know most of us feel like we can barely manage what's been written into our family's schedule and lives. Not to mention, I've always put adoptive and foster families on some sort of glorious, gilded pedestal of super-human, self-sacrifice.......but it does not help anyone viewing them like that. It draws a line between those that aren't doing those things and those that are, as if to say those people over there are the ones capable of doing that and us, over here, not-so-much. When we were going to classes we needed babysitters twice a week it was pretty aggravating when you are use to having a sitter once every few months. For us, even just that was a painful reminder of the responsibility of taking in another child or possibly even children, (besides the fact that not just anyone can legally interact with foster children in your care so you can't just find any sitter to watch kids in your care). BUT, there is too great a need to shirk the idea of not being well enough equipped to manage some precious child that desperately needs a home (and maybe a forever family). The system is overloaded. In the county we live, foster homes are at capacity......and my heart and home are not (and maybe yours aren't either). Like most of us, I don't generally think about things I can't see or that don't affect my life...for me (and probably you who's reading this), we have this out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality right? However, as I'm typing there are children that I could've welcomed into my home if I hadn't drug my feet in this whole process. You might be thinking I'm being too hard on myself, and I know I am but that's the kind of thought that will keep me focused. Not everyone has the space in their heart or even their home to take on an extra child. There are also no assurances that a child you open your home to and pour into (for however long) will turn into the person you'd hope for. They will be coming to you with a cracked or even shattered would be your job to build them up the best you can and for however long. Anyways, this is the direction my family is headed, I would not have shared this except that I realize maybe there might be someone headed down this same path and they need to know others are walking alongside, behind, or just ahead of them. Adoption and fostering need to be more normal and not always the exception made by some extraordinary person. If you have ample patience, a big heart, if you are great with kids and know you can provide them a safe and nurturing home, and if you happen to meet the requirements to foster or adopt, doing so might be your chance to make the world a little bit less broken. I'd say sorry for sounding too preachy, except I'm sorry that is ;) . You are either bored or super-nosy for reading all this, or maybe this speaks to you, hopefully you got something out of it. Either way, thanks for hanging with me!

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