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Today's two cents

I apologize in advance if you find honesty or sarcasm distasteful because you'll find lots of both in this post ;)

I don't follow any blogs, (I can't believe I just typed that out loud) and I don't really think anything I could type up could be interesting enough to blog about (and I sort of feel the same about other blogs, in general). So.... If you haven't noticed, I'm not the blogging type. I also have a difficult time self-promoting........After all, I've had way more than my share of lessons in humility. This little example might help sort of explain myself a bit: way back when... I remember hearing a couple (wildly untrue) rumors about me in school, and being the person that I am, my immediate response was not anger as if to say, "how dare they lie about me!!", it was more like a bewildered questioning of, 'why in the world would someone bother to talk or make up things about me?'. However, (since then) I've realized that I exist (lol) and also that I have a voice, and it (in part) is validated by a bit of life-experience, so I've been thinking maybe someone could benefit from my thoughts, but let's get more specific: here are some of my thoughts on people who make you feel like less... less than deserving of being treated with a little common courtesy, let alone ever be respected as their equal >>>>> I guess I'm talking about SNOBS. You may be wondering where this is coming from and where this may be going. From time to time you run into a person that has a way of making you feel like dirt (as if most of us need help with this), and people like this may even have a have sly knack for sporting a smile while doing it. It works too, they have a way of making you feel like you're lesser than them. Luckily, when I get up and out of being down in the dumps after these (rare) run-ins (with these special people<<<< sarcasm intended), a little righteous indignation wells up inside me and I defend myself......It occurs to me that I have never treated anyone as if they were less worthy of the respect or kindness that I would want to be shown to myself, I've never been one to even retort back to snotty remarks with that same venom and nastiness as had been directed at me. Maybe that alone makes my worth greater than that of those self-important persons that look down their noses at me (or you). It's as if they think that the fact that other people share this earth with them, naturally means that any of the other (many millions of) people here (on this same earth) are of lesser value than their glorious selves. My (and your) self-worth can not come from other people, and I don't want to be judged by the shallow standards of others. Besides people will hate you no matter what, if hate is what they have in them. People will hate or dislike you for being too smart or too stupid, too rich or too poor, too lazy or too hard-working, too talented or too lame, too fat or too skinny, too pretty or too ugly (at one point or other I've been thought of as each of these things) etc. etc. etc. I am far from perfect, but the people that know me, trust me and know me to be kind, honest, impartial, loyal.......even if I'm awkward, or that I'm often a hot mess (minus the hot) and my sense of style died a miserable, slow death a long time ago. I spend a lot of time self-assessing my heart and mind........not so much my clothes or hair. Get this: I've even taught myself to celebrate and be happy for other people's gifts and accomplishments instead of taking other's attributes and gifts as a personal insult to my lack in those same areas. I've seen how a person's insecurities can make them lash out or be cold towards anyone that has something they don't and how they might even manipulate those around them to see people (they're envious of) as something less than they are. (I refuse to be like that, despite the fact that I have a deeeeeeeeeep well of insecurity to draw from.)...I believe in being the kind of person the world needs more of. Does that make sense to you? .............So when someone decides I don't measure up with their standards, I've been reminding myself I use an entirely different system of measurement. I don't care what my clothes, hair, or even car look like. What defines me is who and what I am in my heart and mind, where no one else can see (though, those things always eventually spill out into the real world in actions, no doubt). I keep these things in check, I'm careful to be kind in how I think and feel about others. Would I not be like them if I had the same background and life that they've been given? This thinking also helps me cope with the difficult people I run into in life. (Maybe I'd be a monster snob too if I'd been raised as a spoiled brat and had a brain the size of a peanut (<<< Sorry we needed a little comic relief).) There are no excuses for who we are, but there are endless reasons that make up who we end up being. Have I got your brain spinning? I hope you can glean something from this, I felt the need to share and if even one person reads this ramble and can benefit from it, it was worth dumping my thoughts on you today. So the moral of the story/ramble is BE KIND TO OTHERS. Seriously. Life is hard, don't make it harder for people by being a jerk (lol). Besides, you never know what people are going through already. Anyways, thanks for hanging with me! I hope you have a jerk-free day today!! :)

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